How to Lose Face Fat Fast also cheek fat (39 Ways)

How to lose face fat fast with the best natural ways today we are sharing with you, how to lose cheek fat with naturally at home nowadays trends because it will help like Home remedies, For example, you can follow How to Get Rid of a Double Chin. This is similar so, it will help you sure.

As we know that Face fat is one of the major problems. This is not fun. We have to get rid of this problem here we are giving some suggestions to reduce the face fat. We have to reduce the face fat then only we will look pretty.

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 How to lose face fat fast

How to lose face fat fast Naturally

Here are some of the effective methods which most used by people also easy to do. So here are all answer on How can I make my face rounder naturally?

1- Blow Balloons

Balloon blowing is the best way to get rid of the Fat on the face. This is an easy and simple trick to use by doing. We feel that muscles expand. We have to do this process regularly for ten times a day.

Within five days, you can notice the change. So people who are thinking about it. How can I lose fat quickly? Then they can try the blow balloon method.

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How to lose face fat fast Blow Balloons

2 – Towel treatment

Towel treatment is nothing but giving steam to your face. It helps to reduce the fat. We will see this process in the beauty parlor after completing the facial they will give steam to our face. If we have a steamer, then we can go through it.

  • If we don’t have a steamer with us then, we have to boil the water after boiling dip the towel in it then place the towel in a place where we have fat.
  • Repeat this process nearly 4 to 5 times better to do this process before going to sleep.
  • It helps to open the pores and reduce the fat face.

How to lose face fat fast Towel treatment

3 – Chewing gum

It is the simple and best way to reduce fat. It is very cheaper. We can easily do this process because chewing gum is not a big deal. We can chew this whenever we want. It is best to exercise for the face.

For this no need to give a certain time whenever we want. We can do this. For some people, it is a habit to chew the gum.

So, better to make a habit of chewing the gum. So before search any other How to lose face fat method you can try this.

How to lose face fat fast Chewing gum

4. Tongue exercise

Tongue exercise is mainly to reduce chubby cheeks. Tongue exercise means rotate your tongue by closing the mouth in a circular way.

  • While doing this, the tongue should touch the upper part and lower part of the mouth.
  • Better to do this 10 to 15 times per day in both directions like a clock and an anti-clockwise direction.
  • It is the most effective face fat to reduce exercise.

How to lose face fat fast Tongue exercise

5. Face massage

Massage is a good process to get rid of fat. We can massage ever we want in our body. We can also massage our face to reduce the fat on the face.

  1. Better to massage with a wheat germ oil, it consists of vitamin ‘A‘.
  2. Massage your forehead nearly 4 to 5 times a day. It shows better improvement in a week.

6. Gargle exercise

It means keep mouthful of water and swirl it around the mouth. Of course, we will do regularly in the morning after completing the brush.

  • Repeat this process 4 to 5 times so that it helps in reducing the fat.
  • We can do this process at any time whenever we want.

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How to lose face fat fast Gargle exercise

7. Drinking water

If you are searching about how to lose face fat, then sure you will see the water method also. Drinking water is the best and easy way to reduce fat. It helps to burn the calories.

Drinking too much water is also not good if drink too much, then excess water will store in cheeks and eyes. But at least we have to drink 8 to 9 glasses of water which is good.

8. Salt intake

Better to avoid much salt. It is also not good to take outside food because it consists of a lot of salt etc. Salt consists of the retention of water.

 9. Chin lifts

It is an easy way to get rid of face fat. Chin lifts means to lift the chin towards up see the ceiling keep the pose like you are kissing to the ceiling. Keep the same pose up to 10 seconds. Repeat the same process up to 10 to 15 times.

10. Platysma Tone

Platysma means it is a collar bone. This exercise is done to reduce the chin. We can easily reduce the chin by doing this exercise. It is a simple process. Just sit straight and move the chin up and down.

11. Rolling exercises

Neck rolling is a simple method by rolling the neck. It helps in toning the chin. It also helps to reduce the stress better to do this process before going to sleep. Because it reduces stress, and it gives good sleep.

It also removes the wrinkles in the forehead, so it helps in look pretty. We have to do this process nearly 4 to 5 times per day in an anti and clockwise direction.

12. Smiling fish

Keep the face like a fish. It means to suck the cheeks in and keep your lips like fish by keep this pose try to smile in this pose itself hold this position about 10 seconds repeat this process how long you can. By doing this process, we can reduce face fat.

13. Lion face

Keep your forehead like the lion while roaring, inhale through the nose, and squeeze your muscles in your forehead.

14. Lips pull

Lips pull means to keep your face in normal positions and also lift your lower lip by bringing out while doing this process, and you can feel stretch the chin. Do this process daily at least ten times a day.

15. Eyebrows exercise

It means to keep your eyes wide. It doesn’t wrinkle the eyebrows to keep this process at least ten times a day.

16. Jaw exercise

Keep the jaw like your chewing something while doing this close the lips. Inhale deeply and exhale it relax the forehead repeats the process daily.

17. Plenty of sleep

Sleeping is the best method to avoid the face fat. Plenty of Sleep also increases the glow. It reduces the excessive weight in the face. At least we have to sleep 7 to 8 hours a day.

18. Avoid alcohol

Better to stop drinking alcohol and even coffee also. Because it increases the fat on the face. Better to drink green tea to reduce the face fat.

Not only green tea, cauliflower, cabbage, strawberries, cinnamon, chicken, fish, and even apples helps us to reduce the face fat even it also reduces body fat.

19. Facial exercises

  • The first method inhales the air and closes the mouth now move the air from left to right do this process atleast ten times repeat the process daily.
  • The second method opens the mouth widely and tries to move the moth roundly do atleast three to four times now relax your jaw again after some time repeat the same process.
  • The third method This is an easy process says X and O with a loud voice by saying these words you feel that your cheeks are stretching. So that it is the best method to reduce cheek fat, do this daily.
  • The fourth method is mostly based on your fingers that take both the middle finger and index finger of both hands and pull the skin towards cheeks.
  • The fifth method first lay down and place the chin towards the chest and hold it up to 10 seconds, repeat this process daily.

20. Eating food

Eating means eating good nutrients to maintain diet fruits and vegetables consists of a large number of nutrients.

Better to avoid salt and junk food, these are the worst enemies to increase the fat, so the people who are trying to reduce the fat have to avoid roadside food. By avoiding roadside food better to drink fruit juices, water, etc.

The people who are not getting enough sleep at night can drink milk before going to sleep. Either you can also drink cereal, peanut butter better to take rich nutrients in the food. So you can think an un-balance diet can cause of fat face stores.

21. Face mask

We can use the mask to avoid forehead fat because it tightens the skin so that it reduces the fat on the face.

There are different types of forehead masks in the market, or we can either prepare it at home, also by using turmeric, milk, honey, etc. We can also use a banana mask, oatmeal mask, etc.

22.Egg white

It is best because it tightens the skin so that we can reduce the fat on the face.

  1. First, separate the yolks from whites,
  2. It is best to add some honey or lemon juice and milk.
  3. After getting dry, you can wash with warm water.

23. Glycerin

Glycerin is the best cosmetic product. It reduces the stretch marks. It also improves skin elasticity.

Glycerin is used in cosmetic products also. There are some surgeries to reduce fat if we contact the doctor, then they will suggest some tips about the surgery.

24. Clay mask

It helps in tightening the skin, and it prevents aging. It absorbs oil on the face. It is a natural remedy to reduce them by using this we won’t get any side effects.

We can use this at least two times a week. some are using glasses for the fat face; They can also help you like as a haircut for fat face woman

25. Using Lemon

It helps to reduce the fat. Better to drink lemon water in the morning, it uses to reduce the fat.

  • First, take some hot water to add some lemon juice to mix it thoroughly and drink.
  • It does not reduce the face fat; it also reduces body fat.

26. Honey

Honey is also the best process to reduce fat. Take some hot water mix honey in that and drink it also helps to burn fat in the body and even forehead. These are the simple and best methods to follow.

27. Almonds

it consists of rich fatty acids like vitamins A and B6. It helps in tightening the skin and also moisturizes. We can also get almond oil. It also reduces the fat on the skin.

28. Cereals

Whole grain cereals by consuming this cereal, we can easily burn fat because it consists of minerals and vitamins with low fat. These are the best products to reduce fat.

29. Coconut oil

We already know that coconut oil moisturizes the skin. It consists of Vitamin E. It helps to improve the glow in the face. Better to use daily.

30. Turmeric

Turmeric is the best way to use it. It helps to get a good texture to the skin. We have to mix some turmeric, and even we can add milk or yogurt and apply it to the forehead, just leave it for some time after getting dry. You can wash it with water.

31. Cucumber Mask

It is a peel mask. It helps to reduce the bloated face. It gives young skin it also refreshes the skin. It is a simple process. Just make it paste with cucumbers and apply on the forehead; it also cools the forehead.

32. Mineral oil

Apply mineral oil on your chin and cover with wrap leave it atleast 30 minutes. It is the fastest thing to reduce fat.

33. Smile with closed lips

Close the lips and now try to smile without opening them. Your lips should attach to each other. Try this process daily.

34. Face stretching

  • Stretch the face to reduce the fat from the lower parts.
  • While doing this, open your eyes widely now take out the tongue.
  • Try to touch the chin atleast hold for 6 to 7 seconds. Do this process daily.

35. Facial Twist exercise

It just simply sits on the chair stretch the lips to the right you have to do this by closing lips; this is the best exercise for the face. By doing this, we can reduce fat.

36. Laughing

Laughing is the best process. If we laugh, we get the best face, and it improves the glow in the face. It also reduces fat.

Sometimes it also gets with obesity or you more intake of salt, sugar, and food package.

We also get by skipping meals, and diet is compulsory, we may also get by stress, lack of sleep. These are the main issues to increase fat. It can help very effectively like a fat face cat.

37. Neem Extract

Neem is the best, and it also reduces fat. It is an ayurvedic product it keeps the skin healthy. We can do this process by boiling leaves in the water. We have to keep these leaves until the water turn green. It looks healthy.

38. Duckface

Keep your face like a duck pull your cheeks. It reduces the fat on cheeks.

39. Ice

Ice is also best to reduce the fat just soak a washcloth in cold water, or we can keep ice cubes on the face it is easy and simple to reduce the fat on the face. These are simple ways to reduce fat on the face.

Question and Answer about Losing Face fat.

Here are some questions which people are often thinking about regard to face fat.

How do you lose weight in your face?

There are many ways we just mentioned more than 39 methods. You can try that.

Is it possible to lose weight in your face?

Yes, losing fat is really easy. For this, you need to follow good exercise and patience.

How can I get rid of my chubby cheeks?

Try above-mentioned methods like as

  • Towel treatment
  • Face massage
  • Gargle exercise
  • Tongue exercise
  • Chewing gum

also, others shared in this post.

How do I tone my fat face?

There are many ways, but losing fat and Chewing gum also better for this.

Does running burn face fat?

Yes, running can reduce very fast of your face fat included other fat; it will help you to increase height too.

What is the hair for the fat face?

Yes, there are many pictures we shared below. You can look and can make a little thin.

Short haircuts for fat faces and double chins

If you wanna quick effect without doing no more exercise, then you can try short haircuts for fat faces,

Here I am sharing few hairstyles for double chin photos that can help to hide face fat. Just try below hairstyles for fat faces over and get a new look.

short haircuts for fat faces and double chins short haircuts for fat faces


Follow these simple tricks. Finally, thanks for a visit about how to lose fat in your face article, Hope it will help to lose face fat. I hope now how to lose face and neck fat concept is cleared.

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